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Guangdong SanBao New Materials Tech Co,Ltd. is the sole hi-tech enterprise specializing in the production of wet ground synthetic mica powder at home and abroad. Sanbao has two production bases with advanced production, testing equipment and an innovative industrial production process for wet ground synthetic mica powder. It has also passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. At present, we have a production line with an annual output of 3500 tons of synthetic mica sheets and 1200 tons of synthetic mica powder. Sanbao has acquired 150 acres of land and is currently planning the second phase of the synthetic mica industrial park, forming an integrated industrial chain of raw materials and products.

Sanbao have established the "Synthetic Mica Engineering Technology Research Center" in Shenzhen. By leveraging our unique team of high-caliber talents, we are capable of the R&D of special-purpose mica products as well as independent process design and implementation.

Synthetic mica Flake is a kind of layered silicate compound produced by different kinds of chemical raw materials and minerals with the process of high temperature reaction, fusing, cooling, and crystallization.

Synthetic mica Flake is produced as Synthetic mica powder by a series of techniques: Hydraulic crushing, Wet-processed Grinding, Hydraulic Classification, and Dewatering.

SANBAO Synthetic Mica Powder

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